Who We Are

Bumpcafe’s express intention is to provide a top quality, irresistible musical discovery, and rediscovery for those influenced by dance music and dance culture. Bumpcafe strives to provide a consistent upper scale format to showcase electronic dance music for all venues. There’s no secret ingredient, just a full course meal of swelling melodies, and a funky bass undertow, vintage acid lines, soulful vocals, and precise percussion. So look no further! We have impeccable DJ’s touching all dance music bases.

While there may be no secret ingredient we do have a recipe for our success, the key ingredients are as follows:
*Impeccable Sound System
*Responsible open minded crowd
*Musical Host (DJ) enabling a positive space while lifting inspirational consciousness and community.
*Selection of DJ’s with a rapport for a crowd.
*Diverse Musical Selection - Drawn towards musicianship, human energy and emotion.
*Natural State - Situation where you feel good, and in a sense you can feel.

Since 2001 Bumpcafe has hosted many of the Midwest’s most well-loved and sought after international, regional and local talents including; Detroit’s Mike Huckaby, John Johr, Punisher, Jay Denham, LA’s Scott K, Chicago’s Lego, Angel Alanis, Frankie Vega, Kate Simko, …the roster goes on.

We have a busy season ahead of us. Our artists are booked all over the Midwest. Check out our events page for more details. Bumpcafe continues to ramp up for a busy season.

Bumpcafe artists range from Deep House, Tech House, Minimal Techno, Techno, Drum and Bass, Tribal, Jazz Fusion, Nujazz and lots more. Our network of artists is continually expanding. See our artists and mixes here.